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Title: Only Here for the Fireworks
Pairing: Junmyeon/Yixing
Rating: G
Length: 2.2k
Summary: Junmyeon tries not embarrass himself in front of the cute guy with dimples (and fails)

Author’s note: I feel like the prompt probably meant a huge college New Year’s bash with cool confident sulay and instead I turned this into awkward teenager!junmyeon oops. Written for round 1 of
[livejournal.com profile] xingforjun

Never one for New Year’s celebrations, Junmyeon made his place in the corner of the noisy apartment. Sitting on the ledge of the window overlooking the city centre, he watches the cars on the street below. His parents, the ever gracious hosts were all bright smiles. They were entertaining their guests at the long dining table over wine and snacks. All of them middle-aged parents and judging by the occasional mention of his and his brother’s name, they were either gloating or complaining about their children.

There were still at least two hours until the midnight countdown and already Junmyeon's eyes had started to droop. He’d fallen sleep before twelve last year and missed the show, he didn’t really want a repeat of that again even if it didn’t really change from year to year. His family were on the coast for the winter holidays. Junmyeon didn't see the point of going to a beach town when it's snowing and -5°C but he guesses that his parents prefer being out of the big city during this time. He’s only here to see the fireworks anyway.

Deciding that maybe some fresh air would wake him up a bit he goes downstairs. It's easy to navigate. This trip was annual- he'd been coming down here from Seoul with his family since he was seven. He made his way down in the direction of the beach spotting a couple of food vendors passed the road block.

Junmyeon didn't have the best tolerance for the cold however. The further he got the more he started to scold himself and mutter complaints at the cold wind biting at his exposed face. By the time he'd gotten to the end of the path, he changed his mind turned right back around. Pulling his parka tighter against his body, he tried walking faster back to the apartment complex. But really he probably just looked like a waddling penguin and was thankful the majority of the people out were already on the beach.

When he walks into the foyer he sees a guy standing in front of the buzzers, frowning and staring at the buttons with his head tilted. Junmyeon, whom hadn't brought a key card, stood idly behind the guy wondering if he was going to press one or not.
Junmyeon contemplated asking if he needed some help but kept chickening out. Instead hoping the guy would notice him there and be the one to ask him instead. A minute passed and the guy didn’t seem like he was going to be moving anytime soon. Junmyeon was getting fidgety just standing there, if the incessant tapping of his right foot was any indication.

Okay, Junmyeon just ask if he needs help. He's just one person. And he looks a little lost. Be a nice person Junmyeon. Be a nice person.

"Hey, uh-" Junmyeon chokes when the guy spins to face him, eyes wide. He can't be any older than he is and ahh he's cute !!! no !!!! "Do- do you need any help?"

The cute guy nods and grins. Oh my god is that a dimple ???, "Sorry, my parents are here for a party but I forgot what room number it is."

Party? As in his parents party? That party? "Are they at the Kim's party?" Junmyeon mentally prays that they are because if it isn’t he’s not sure how to actually help him.

"Yeah! The Kim's! That's the name," The guy clicks and points in recognition and Junmyeon swears he can see a lightbulb appear above his head. That's so cuuuuuute…and a relief too.

"That's where I'm headed to as well," Junmyeon smiles. He goes over to push the room buzzer. Walking with calculated steps because now is so not the time to embarrass himself by tripping over air.

He hears someone pick up the receiver and by the laugh he can tell it’s his mum. "Junmyeon? What are you doing down there? Why didn't you bring a key? It's so cold. Who is that with you? Is that your boyfrie-"

"Mum can you please just let me in?!" Junmyeon glares at the camera. Never mind Junmyeon embarrassing himself, his mum can do that fine for him. He tries to fight down the heat that better not be spreading across his cheeks at the muffled chuckle behind him.
He hears his mum cackle shortly before putting down the receiver and opening the sliding doors into the lobby.  Junmyeon can't bring himself to look at the other boy after that and they wait for the elevator in silence.

"Junmyeon? Is that your name?" The cute guy Junmyeon is avoiding at all costs looking at asks.

"Yeah." His voice comes out shaky and really he wants to bang his head against the wall because he's so ashamed and why can't he talk to people? Especially cute guys with dimples.

"Well hi Junmyeon, I'm Yixing!" Junmyeon realises a split second too late that it was rude of him not to be the one to ask the cute guy's name and god Junmyeon why are you so bad at social cues?

But at the same time, Yixing !!! Cute guy has a cute name and "Is that Chinese?" Wtf Junmyeon you're supposed to say 'nice to meet you' you idiot oh my god. 'Is that Chinese?' That's so impolite. Junmyeon mentally slaps himself over and over again.

Yet Yixing seems unfazed by Junmyeon's question and just says "Yeah! I’m Chinese!" Which Junmyeon is eternally grateful for because he would've been way too much of an idiot and realised much later that he should have apologised.

To his relief the elevator finally comes down and Junmyeon steps on with Yixing, pressing the button for the 18th floor. He taps his finger on his jeans and stares at the bottom of the elevator doors. It was difficult to avoid Yixing's gaze in a box with mirrors for walls. He shrugs off his parka when he feels his palms start to get sweaty with nervousness and quickly wipes them on his pant leg.

"Do you live here?" Yixing asks as they near the 10th floor.

"Uhh- no. Family comes here for the vacation every New Year," Junmyeon answers. He tries to keep his voice steady but also louder than the soft speech that comes out when talking to strangers. Wanting to continue the conversation Junmyeon scrambles to add, "do you live here?"

"Ahh, no. I've moved to Seoul recently to study. It's my grandparents who live here. I come visit them sometimes,"

"Wait, you live in Seoul?" The elevator doors open and Junmyeon steps out. Well, more like stumbles. Yixing catches his arm before he face plants and Junmyeon murmurs a grateful thank you before pressing his lips together sheepishly.

"Are you okay?" Yixing questions looking concerned. And no Junmyeon definitely wasn't okay, especially with Yixing's hand on his arm like that sending warmth and tingles through it. But Junmyeon nods anyway not trusting his voice to work now. Not after he's gone and made a fool of himself more than once in the span of 15 minutes.

“You’re very cute when you’re embarrassed.”
Junmyeon lets out a strangled noise at the comment and Yixing just laughs. Through his internal panic he acknowledges the endearing sound that is Yixing’s laugh. I think you’re a lot cuter than I am Yixing.

They walk together to the door and Junmyeon has to knock loudly multiple times before someone actually hears over the noise of the party and opens it. They part when Yixing goes to greet his parents and Junmyeon goes back to his spot in the corner. He was definitely no longer tired after that, feeling more on edge than anything.

Although first impressions didn't mean all that much to Junmyeon. Because he always seemed to stuff up one way or another, he was feeling torn about this one. He put his earphones in to cancel out the loud chatter and the TV. Trying to concentrate on the new book he bought but instead found himself staring at the same paragraph for ages unable to process the words.

He looks up when he gets sick of it and sees Yixing on the couch talking to his older brother. Whom was a lot better of a conversationalist than Junmyeon was by a long shot. Already, Yixing seemed to look more comfortable with him than he had been with Junmyeon. He observes as Yixing puts on a party hat onto his brother’s head to match with the one the latter was already wearing. It was a blow that went straight to his heart. He met a cute boy and blew it in less than an hour now he's with his brother, good on you, Junmyeon.

Junmyeon sighs and shuts the book putting it to the side. Checking the time he notices that it's approaching midnight. Going out onto the empty balcony he sets his gaze on the beach and the small pools of people gathered there to watch the fireworks close up. He ponders over how many couples are down there and frowns when he remembers his pathetic love life. Yet another year of no New Year’s Countdown kiss for Junmyeon as always.

"Mind if I watch the fireworks here?" Yixing's voice snaps Junmyeon out of thoughts.

"No, go ahead." There it was. Junmyeon's soft shy voice, he hopes Yixing had heard what he'd said not knowing if he’d be able to repeat it again. But even if Yixing hadn't heard he seemed to have assumed Junmyeon's answer anyway, sidling up next him and crossing his arms over the railing. Junmyeon refuses to coo at how adorable Yixing looked with the red and silver chevron party hat sitting upon his head. Grimly, Junmyeon steps away from the edge of the balcony. He was only here for the fireworks. He wanted to go inside before his brother came out in search for Yixing. And he definitely knows he didn't want to be around to see that.

That’s when the countdown starts and he hears everyone start to chant,



He turns away and is going for the door when a hand grasps his wrist and makes him stop in his tracks.



"I meant that I wanted to watch them with you." Oh. Junmyeon steps back and faces Yixing who hasn’t let go of his arm.




Junmyeon feels the faintest brush of lips against his cheek that barely registers in his brain before it's gone. He turns to Yixing wide-eyed. Yixing looks just as shocked as he is.

"I'm sorry! I should've asked. Was that okay are you-"

"Can I kiss you?" Junmyeon blurts out and immediately wants to hit himself after. He's going to apologise straight after because you only just me him you idiot, even if he did say yes you wouldn't even have the nerve to do it anyway.

But he doesn't have time to because Yixing is already pressing his lips against Junmyeon's. And wow. This is wow. Oh god.

Junmyeon barely has any time to react before Yixing pulls away. He recaptures Yixing's lips before the other can even take a breath, arms coming around Yixing's waist to pull him closer. He feels Yixing's fingers thread through his hair and he has to reluctantly pull away for air. Junmyeon pants as he searches for a reaction on Yixing's face. It's almost like a rush of relief when the other smiles brightly at him.

They watch the rest of the firework show together. Well Junmyeon tries to at least. He had only been here for the fireworks but he finds himself sending small glances at Yixing most of the time and quickly looking away when the other notices. They talk about meeting up again in Seoul. Both are ecstatic when finding out that Yixing has enrolled in the same High School Junmyeon goes to. They exchange numbers and make a promise to see each other again before the beginning of the new term. Becoming absorbed in a conversation about favourite bands they have in common Junmyeon catches himself pouting when Yixing's parents call out to him from inside to say goodbye to his friend.

"Don't be sad Junmyeon, we're going to meet again!" Yixing pulls Junmyeon into a hug, "Text me okay?"

Junmyeon smiles at Yixing and nods, "of course."

Junmyeon waits for fifteen minutes after Yixing leaves to text him before he loses the nerve to. He has to take advantage of the random spikes of daringness when he gets it.

Did you get home safe? :) He types, kind of wanting to cringe at how formal it looks but unsure of how Yixing text-talks.

He receives a reply two minutes later.

yes! i did! *^* i'm sleepy now though zzzzzz goodnight Junmyeon >.<!

Junmyeon would later deny cooing at his phone over Yixing’s emoticons as he types his reply but he absolutely most certainly did.

goodnight yixing ^_^

As Junmyeon lays in bed during the early hours of the morning he thinks that maybe this New Year’s wasn't all too bad after all.

Date: 2015-07-06 08:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] charliebnim.livejournal.com
At least he used to sleep on new years eve.. Because in my case i used to cry *
I am so glad they met each other :3

Date: 2015-07-08 07:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] read0write.livejournal.com
aww that's cute :)


singing for his xo

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