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Title: The (SUPER) (Great!!) Adventures of Seoul’s Light Man
Pairing: Baekhyun/Kyungsoo
Rating: pg-13
Length: 7k
Summary: In Superhero Academy Baekhyun was made to remember three important things:
1) Make sure there are little to no casualties in battle
2) Always wear your goddamned mask; screw the cape and (more or less)
3) Never fall in love with the innocent bystander who complains about you spilling his coffee on the pavement even if you do end up saving his life.
A/N:/rolls away bc i cant handle this. originally posted here for round 2 of [livejournal.com profile] sooenaemoured !!

Seoul, South Korea. Twenty-two year old Byun Baekhyun's first assignment fresh out of the Academy.
It was supposed to be all action and no time for anything else from there on out. Or so he thought.
Baekhyun was slow to adjust to the fast life of the city. Battling the masses of people walking in the opposite direction to him, the stress of finding an unoccupied cab and most of all the air. He's been picking black boogers for the past two weeks. He's really starting to hope that this is normal around here because it's beginning to be worrying. There was odd lack of street crime here, literally all of the people he saves are ones about to be hit by cars (the traffic is terrible). That's it though. That's all he does. The first time he had to use his powers was when the light bulb in the hall was busted and he conjured an orb so he could find his key. Superhero Academy for Specially Gifted (SASG) had promised him a life full of adventure, a mission to protect and serve and help save the world. The academy prepared him for everything about fighting crime, controlling his powers, keeping his identity safe, making tough decisions...even how to sew. Dealing with a scarce amount of 'baddies' on the street however had not been in the 'Protect Your City' volumes 1-3 textbooks.

As Baekhyun walks into the office building of his day job he questions if he's just been looking in the wrong places. Working at a news station was one of the ideal cover jobs for a superhero he was taught to aim for. It's the centre point of everything he needs access to- where he can control the coverage that Seoul's Light Man gets. Which has been zero to none. Apparently people aren't all that grateful when Baekhyun saves them from their fate of being roadkill on the bumper of a white Kia. It's all always "Get your hands off me" or "I'm going to call the police" or both. Last time he even got a "What in the world are you wearing? You look like a cucumber." Which Baekhyun was highly offended at because seaweed green is hip and cucumbers are an absolutely revolting abomination. Seoul's Light Man has a superb sense of style much unlike the Phoenix of Bucheon. Baekhyun shudders red spandex ugh.

Speak of the devil, Baekhyun upturns his lip at the news report being shown on the TV hanging over the receptionist desk. 'The Phoenix saved a hoard of kittens before dropping them at the pound and fleeing the scene. Luckily this bystander managed to catch it all on camera blah blah blah'. Don't get him wrong, Baekhyun loves The Phoenix of Bucheon and is proud that his closest friend from SASG is out there rescuing cute fluff balls despite his allergies. But Baekhyun's bitter at the lack of recognition Seoul's Light Man is getting and he feels that he was destined to do more than that. Not to say that he disapproved of the low crime rate but it makes him think that maybe Seoul doesn't really need a Light Man.

In all honesty Baekhyun's day job wasn't very high paying or gave him a position of at least some power. He basically sat in the back room organising past tapes dating back to as far as a decade ago. It's dusty and not fun at all but he has to feed himself and pay rent so it's something. As he orders the VHS tapes chronologically and into the set categories he's alarmed by an increase of noise outside the room. Saving his place he goes to check the commotion outside, his senses on high alert.

Instead he stands at the door confused by the swift setting-up of the panel. They were going on air? The next broadcast didn't start until 6pm. A co-worker rushes by him but Baekhyun pulls him back.
"What's going on?" He asks.

"There's some crazy guy holding this chick out the window of an apartment with a rope, he's threatening to cut it if he doesn't get ransom or something the whole crew is heading there now." And with that the co-worker is hurrying away.

Realisation dawns on Baekhyun. This is it. This is his chance to show Seoul what Light Man is all about. He grabs his bag and sprints out toward the entrance managing to jump into the van with the camera crew and reporters just before the door slid closed. A cameraman looks like he's about to ask Baekhyun's position and object to him being in the vehicle when the van started to pull away. There were no seats left and they were in a hurry anyway so everyone just ignores Baekhyun as he crouched behind the front seat.

He's mentally preparing himself going over the strict two rules SASG had engrained into his brain. 1) Make sure there are little to no casualties in battle and 2) Always wear your goddamn mask (goddamnit Byun I mean it); screw the cape. Light Man was definitely no cape wearer.

As soon as he feels the van stop he opens the door and jumps out. Making a quick survey of the area he notes the police cars surrounding the front of the building. Trailing his eyes up he clenches his fists when he sees a woman suspended mid-air with a rope tied around her waist. Taking action he manoeuvres his way around the circle of cop cars and using the gathered crowd to his advantage he slips past the tape. He runs to the side of the building and behind a dumpster so he's out of sight. He changes into his Light Man attire as quick as he can and thanks the academy for integrating swift clothes changes as a unit into their skill building classes (and double checks that he definitely has his mask on).

However as he's trying to find a way up he starts wishing that he had a power like flight or like being able to travel at the speed of light. Groaning, he evaluates his options. He can scale the building and risk falling to his death or go inside and risk taking too long to get up the stairs.

The sound of someone speaking through a megaphone makes the decision for him.

"Five more minutes to hand over the money or the Great Echo gets mad AND CUTS THE ROPE."

"Psh, Great Echo. Death it is then." Baekhyun scoffs.

He takes out his grappling hook giving himself a mental pat on the back. Preparation is key in most, if not all situations. And apparently so is practice.

Baekhyun groans again as his first throw falls short. He takes back his pat on the back. Now was so not the time for his throwing skills to fail him. Mr. Jung would definitely be disappointed if he saw Baekhyun right now.

Come on, second try has got to work he's working on a very tight schedule here. He hears a clang as the hook catches itself on a pipe. Giving a rough tug Baekhyun deems it safe enough to climb.

He makes his way up muttering under his breath, "What sort of name is the Great Echo. Please. That's so dumb. There's so much easier ways to get money then hanging a girl out of the window too geez."
His combat boots slip a few times against the wall but he makes use of his textured gloves to steady his grip on the rope. He gets halfway up the building where his hook had grabbed onto and transfers himself onto the pipe. The rubber gloves however useful in preventing rope burn, proved to be not much of a help against pvc. Ditching the gloves he holds onto the pipe pressing his body to the wall. He slides his hands across the pipe methodically with care, there were no ledges for him to hold his feet on and he was dangling from his arms from a very high point. Byun Baekhyun this is a method so full of risk it’s not humorous at all…even if you do look like a monkey, Baekhyun swears he hears the Guardian of Jeju nag at the back of his head. He shrugs it off, Seoul’s Light Man is risk taker.

"ONE MINUTE." The Great Echo yells through a megaphone again promptly shocking Baekhyun who only just manages to save himself from almost falling (he will later deny his whispered apology to the Guardian in that moment). Just another metre and he'd finally be on the front side of the building. He makes it and leaps on the nearest balcony below him. The crowd gasps at his appearance reminding Baekhyun that there were people watching him. The spotlight finally on Light Man himself. He can't mess this up now.

Spotting the woman hanging out the window diagonal from where he stands, he steps up onto the top of the railing. With a slight tip toe he's able to grab onto the bottom of the balcony above. Lifting himself up and over he starts to eye how he'll get to her. She sees him there and her eyes widen and her lips seemed to have been forming the word 'no'.
Baekhyun squints his eyes at her. Why is she saying no? He's here to rescue her.

The megaphone comes back at this moment and Baekhyun's jaw drops when he sees and hears that the Great Echo definitely did not need a megaphone to be heard. Baekhyun cringes covering his ears when the Great Echo announces that time is up.

"Stop!" Baekhyun shouts when the Great Echo's burly upper body starts being retracted from the window. The Great Echo turns to him and sneers at Baekhyun's appearance.

"Is this some sort of joke?" he bellows, "Stay out of this kid, you're no hero."

Did he just go there? Did this guy really just go there? Oh it is on.

"Listen here Great S-MEH-CHO! I'm no kid alright? And I'm not just any hero either! I'm the superhero Light Man!" Baekhyun blasts a light ray right at the Great Echo's face causing the man fall back inside hands slapping themselves over his eyes.

"YOU WANNA PLAY LIKE THAT LIGHT KID? OKAY PROVE HOW HEROIC YOU ARE NOW." the Great Echo booms from in the apartment. Baekhyun acts quick hopping back over the ledge of the balcony, one hand tightly gripping the railing the other arm extended towards the woman. The rope she was hanging from was starting to jiggle presumably being sawed off.

"Grab onto my hand," Baekhyun tells her and she does so. As the rope holding her becomes thinner he keeps pulling her more and more towards him. "I'm going to need you to hook this arm around me okay and hold onto me very tightly." When the woman complies he starts getting choked but at least it meant she was holding on. "Okay now when that rope breaks you're going to have to quickly bring your other arm around me using the momentum to pull yourself onto my back. Can you do that?" The woman nods and Baekhyun braces himself.

They both hear the snap and Baekhyun feels the woman completely cling to him as he uses both arms to pull them back to the railing. He helps her over before following after. The crowd cheers and Baekhyun feels satisfaction run through him.

"Thank you." The woman says smiling gratefully at him. Baekhyun responds with a grin when a roar is heard from behind him.


"Man. Light Man." Baekhyun huffs.

"I'LL GET BACK AT YOU FOR THIS." and with that the Great Echo is gone. The police spend hours searching the entire building but found no trace of the Great Echo.

It was brushed under the mat though for Baekhyun. Seoul's Light Man was all over the news that night and the next day and Baekhyun walks into work with a bounce in his step.

In under three weeks Seoul's Light Man had become the city's most talked about person. Speculation always came with his sightings in the streets. Who is this Light Man? Where did he come from? And why does he dress like a cucumber? Baekhyun lets the last one slide. There's was plenty of time to announce that seaweed green is so not the same colour as cucumber green.

Light Man was performing good deeds left and right. Including saving cats stuck in a tree. He might have scoffed at the thought before but Baekhyun found that little girls who want their kitty back were quite persuasive. And by persuasive he means lethal and will leave you with harsher injuries than their grumpy cat will.

It was only a matter of time though before the Great Echo made his return. This time he wasn't interested in money. He wanted Light Man. Also preferably with the superhero's head on a stick. Baekhyun is sitting in his apartment munching on his third Choco-Pie (he really doesn't know why he bought them, they were so crumbly) when there's a breaking news report. He scrambles up off the ground and goes to change into his Light Man suit. It was all routine now, he even had his bag readily packed at all times sitting by the door.

According to the report the Great Echo was holding up the road on Main Street. In a section that Light Man frequented due to a blind spot for the drivers turning off from the intersection. It was a busy place, both road and sidewalks milling with people in constant flow during the day. Baekhyun was going to have to be extra careful with the amount of people around. Luckily the area is a short distance from his apartment. Taking the subway dressed as Light Man gets him a lot of weird stares.

"Note to self: invest in motor vehicle." Baekhyun mutters as he starts jogging. Going on foot was fun and all but he didn't necessarily have the best stamina. To fight bad guys he's gotta be at the top of his game- not panting and on the brink of collapsing because he had to sprint half a kilometre. He envies superheroes that have a power that doubles as a form of transport, he really does. He'd even settle for a bicycle at this point actually.

He makes it to the area eventually only just a little puffed. Pacing himself was key. The road has been barricaded and the sidewalk roped off with the Great Echo standing in all his glory right in the centre of it. Baekhyun straightens his back and stands tall as he approaches. It probably doesn't look like much next to the unreasonably tall and buff Great Echo but never mind.

"Sup Smecho!" He calls out before smoothly jumping the barricade. Heck yeah, parkour. He hopes someone caught that on camera, Chengdu’s Dancing Bolt and his killer groove was going to be so envious.

The Great Echo spins to face him with a smirk, "WELL IF IT ISN'T LIGHT KID. Coming to pay for what you did to me?"

"Bring it on smecho! Show me what you got!" Baekhyun says as he holds his arms out in cocky manner.

His attitude gets him a glare and Baekhyun forms a defensive stance as the Great Echo throws the first blow. Baekhyun dodges the oncoming sound blast and watches as it travels all the way to the barricade behind him causing it to rattle violently. Now this was problematic. Baekhyun was not going to be able to fight a direct blow of that. Avoidance was his only option. But with the amount of people around he had to cautious that no one gets hit either. Two things to worry about. Great.

Baekhyun chucks an orb that falls short, merely ricocheting off the Great Echo's chest. The Great Echo laughs mockingly.

"IS THAT IT? A tiny little- AGH," Baekhyun shoots a light ray right into the unsuspecting Great Echo's eyes. He uncovers his hands from his face and unleashes a sharp sound of pain at Baekhyun who dodges again rolling to his right. He realises his mistake only a split second after. The crowd had reacted quickly and parted, moving out of the way all except one guy on his phone. Baekhyun sprints toward him just in time to pull him back from being hit.

"You made me spill my coffee," the guy snaps at Baekhyun. What? What?

"Dude, I just saved your life."

"Tell that to my 5 bucks on the ground, dude."

Baekhyun gapes and is about to respond when he hears the Great Echo shout at him from behind. Right. He was in the middle of battle. He was going to end this quick so he can go back there and give that guy a piece of his mind. He flares up his hands melding them into blades as he moves from the roped area and back to the barricades. Holding a glare with the Great Echo he breaks into a run at him. He ducks letting a sound blast sail over his head but still keeps moving. Once in close proximity of the Great Echo he slashes at him and grazes his arm.

The Great Echo lets out a howl into the sky as the cut burns him. Baekhyun keeps landing blow after blow, the Great Echo's power proving to be ineffective at such a close range. By the time the Great Echo had given up on using his power he chose to overpower Baekhyun with his only advantage- his strength.

He snatches Baekhyun up by the neck holding him up three feet off the ground. Baekhyun struggles in his hold trying to loosen the Great Echo's fingers. It only gets tighter, constricting his airway. With a fuzzy mind Baekhyun summons his power and sears the Great Echo's hand. He's dropped into the asphalt wheezing. The Great Echo's yelp of pain is so overpowering Baekhyun ends up writhing on the ground, palms pressed hard into his ears. And then it stops and the Great Echo had disappeared. When Baekhyun takes his hands off his ears they're ringing and all noise is muffled.

The Great Echo had gotten away again. Light Man had just lost his first battle. Baekhyun gets out of there as quick as he can, ashamed at his defeat, ungrateful coffee guy completely forgotten.


As much as Baekhyun wants Light Man to fall off the face of the Earth and never appear again he doesn't allow it. What kind of superhero would Light Man be if he let one loss get to him? The Great Echo was still out there. And Baekhyun wanted closure to this war. Too many people have the potential to get hurt with the Great Echo still in Seoul. Who knows when he'd bait Light Man again by holding another hostage?

So no, Baekhyun doesn't let himself go into hiding. Doesn't let the people of Seoul feel vulnerable. But that day it seemed Light Man hadn't only lost a battle, he had lost the respect he'd worked so hard to build up. As Light Man went around the city protecting the streets people no longer looked at him as a hero. Baekhyun can't let it deter him though. Even if he does want to give up his mission.

Light Man became old news after that day. What rises quickly comes back down just as fast he supposes. Light Man regresses back to where he had started, stopping people from being run over by cars.

He lays low for a little over a month. And just when he was about to give up on redeeming Light Man's image he stumbles upon a person in need of his help. He hears the yell from just down the road as he's walking back home. Running over he finds a gang in what seems to be the middle of harassing another guy. Baekhyun gets their attention by letting out a battle cry and when they turn he lets out a wide beam of light shoot from his fingers. They all cringe but aren't deterred by it. One almost immediately comes at Baekhyun and grabs him by the arm throwing his body up against the wall of the alley.

"Who the fuck are you?" The guy who grabbed him spits. Baekhyun tries to pull away from where he's pressed against the wall but ends up getting shoved back again.

"Hey, it's that dumb guy that's been all over the news! Cucumber suit and all!" Another guy says and they all snicker.

Baekhyun grunts at the cucumber comment. It's seaweed green. He knees the guy in front of him making him hunch over. He holds his hands out and does another wide light beam. They all fall back and he notices the guy who got beat up slip away with a hand shielding his eyes. Well then, he was done here. He keeps the beam on and tries to also make a run for it. It's a sudden punch in the face that stops him in his tracks. The impact makes Baekhyun lose his footing slightly and just when he's about regain his stance he’s kicked in the stomach and there's a hand pushing him onto the ground. From there the blows just keep coming. Every time he tries to get back up there's another kick that stops him. Eventually someone goes and kicks his head in breaking his nose.

He gives up after that. Constant pain thrumming through his body. Another loss for Light Man and possibly his last ever. As he's about to slip into unconsciousness he thinks he hears a yell. Then the beating stops and Baekhyun wonders if they've finally gotten sick of it.

He vaguely hears a "what the fuck?" before several grunts of pain and thuds. Were they fighting with each other now? What was going on? Baekhyun tries to open his eyes but finds that they're too swollen to open fully. He sees one of the guys who beat him up- the one he kneed he thinks- lying on the ground next to him out cold. He struggled to see anything else being in too much pain to move.

"God you're a mess," a voice from above him says. Somehow through the pain he feels arms come around him and lift him up. He might have let out a hiss at body being jostled and he wants to complain but is too weak and exhausted to protest. No longer being able to fight his eyelids from staying closed he passes out.


"Wake up."


"Seriously, wake up man I can't have you getting a concussion."

Baekhyun whimpers when he comes back into consciousness. Everything hurts. His face is all cold and he feels a drop of liquid sliding down his face. Slowly, he opens his eyes and a face comes into view. He swears he's seen it before but can't exactly pinpoint where and when. Someone from work perhaps?

"Wh-" Baekhyun chokes a bit, throat dry unable to get the words out.

The man raises his eyebrows at him and turns away before appearing with a glass of water. He holds it to Baekhyun's lips and Baekhyun drinks it. After gulping the whole glass down he tries talking again, "Who are you?"

He just gets another unimpressed look from the guy before he finally says, "Your saviour obviously."

As soon as Baekhyun hears him speak he remembers where he saw the guy from.

"You're coffee dude!" Baekhyun exclaims but regrets it right after. Okay maybe no more straining his-- everything. It all hurts one way or another.

"Yeah, and you're that Light dude who owes me 5 bucks and his life."

"It's Light Man." Baekhyun whines, "and I saved your life first. So really, I don't owe you anything."

"My coffee,"

"5 bucks is a ridiculous amount to be spending on a cup of coffee,"

Coffee dude glares at him and Baekhyun swears he can feel his soul shrivel up and die.

"Okay," Baekhyun withers under the hard gaze, "I'll buy you another cup."

A pleased expression washes the glare away and coffee dude moves closer to him. His face hovers over Baekhyun and he's sort of getting weirded out because he doesn't really think a promise of coffee warrants a kiss. Unless this guy must be just really that passionate about coffee.

Instead a damp cloth is held up to Baekhyun's face and coffee guy starts dabbing gently at the space between his nose and upper lip. That's right, his nose got kicked and was probably all bloody. He distracts himself from all the pain running through his body, mainly in his stomach, by examining coffee dude's face.

Coffee dude was actually kind of cute. When he wasn't trying stare daggers down at Baekhyun of course. But like this, mellow and concentrated on cleaning blood from Baekhyun's nose, he's cute. From his wide eyes and plump lips- wait what? No. Bad Baekhyun. Don't think about the lips of someone you don't even know the name of.

But they look so soft and are sort of shaped a bit like a heart. How adorable. Okay, no. He has to stop. New rule: Stop this attraction to coffee guy.

"What's your name?" Baekhyun blurts out, eyes still on the others' lips. Must. Tear. Eyes. Away.

The towel stops moving and there's the briefest pause, "Kyungsoo."

Kyungsoo pulls the towel away and looks at Baekhyun studiously. They lock eyes, staring at each other for what feels like forever. When Kyungsoo breaks it he also gets up and leaves.

Alone, Baekhyun is left to look around the place. He found himself on the couch in a small living room. The place was bare, other than the tv and coffee table. It reminded Baekhyun of his own empty apartment- he'd hasn't had much time to settle in. It seemed like Kyungsoo had either just moved in or was rarely home in the first place.

His gaze makes its way down to himself and he realises that he's in underwear. His suit. His mask. Gone. His identity's been revealed and he had now only just noticed. He couldn't stay here. Not with a blown cover. This can't get out to the public. He's screwed up rule two he has to go-

"Leaving?" Kyungsoo's voice makes him freeze. Slowly, he lowers himself back onto the couch.

"Uh. I-" Baekhyun starts but stops when he can't think of an excuse.

"I was just going to give you back your suit, your mask got a lot of blood on it as well so I washed it."

"But the material- it isn't machine washable-"

"It's okay, I wasn't sure so I just hand washed it." Kyungsoo reassures the panicked Baekhyun and hands him his folded suit with the mask on top.

Baekhyun takes it with a small grateful smile murmuring thanks. He's about to stand up and take his leave but doesn't. He doesn't really want to go just yet. He had promised the guy coffee, it would be rude not to fulfil it. He had also saved him from possibly being beat to death which reminds him-

"What happened last night?"

Kyungsoo takes a seat next to Baekhyun and sort of gives a slight shrug.

"It was mostly coincidence, I was on my way home and I saw this guy run out an alley looking beat up. I wasn't even planning to intervene or anything just walk by but then I saw you on the ground getting absolutely pummelled...they kept kicking you even when you weren't moving anymore. I'd gotten angry, they didn't even look like they were going to stop so I did it for them."

Baekhyun frowned, "That was seven on one, you even had them all on the ground and there's not a mark on you. How? Are you some martial arts master or something? That's crazy."

Kyungsoo scoffs at him, "Martial arts master? I wish."

"Then how...?" Baekhyun gasps and snaps his fingers, "You have powers!"

No of course not, I don’t need powers when I have totally ripped guns,”

Baekhyun’s gaze drops onto Kyungsoo’s biceps, the guy was about as ripped as Baekhyun was (read: not at all).

Kyungsoo sighs as he realises his sarcasm had sailed right over Baekhyun’s head, “Yes I have powers and no I am not a flashlight like you are however,"

"Hey! I'm not a- whatever. I thought everyone with powers went to the academy though. I- I don't remember ever seeing you?" Because I am 100% certain I would have noticed someone as cute as you.

"Not everyone goes to the academy, my mother couldn't deal with me living somewhere obscure for most of the year so I didn't get to go. The powers were a pain at first, I had to learn how to reattach doors are ripping them off their hinges the first couple of times. I learned how to tone it down, now it just comes in handy when something falls under the couch."

"So, super strength right? Woah." Baekhyun ogles Kyungsoo, who would've thought someone with such small shoulders-

"Please stop touching my shoulders,"

"Show me your powers!"

"Was carrying you for two blocks not enough for you?"

Baekhyun pouts trying to hide his embarrassment. He forgot that he'd been carried. He was the hero, he was the one who was supposed to be carrying people to safety. Kyungsoo wasn't supposed to be the one saving him.

But he had been. Academy training or not, Kyungsoo is a hero who totally saved his ass back in that alley. That's someone Light Man needs. Someone who has his back.

"Be my sidekick!" Baekhyun exclaims.

"No." Kyungsoo deadpans not even a second after. Ouch.

Baekhyun's bottom lip starts to tremble and he's mustering up his best puppy eyes but is met with the same hard gaze that makes him gulp and want to cry.

"Ice should've been your power, to reflect your cold heart." Baekhyun mutters. There's a sharp jab in his rib that makes him yelp. Ouch again.

"What's your name anyway, Light Dude?"

Baekhyun only hesitates a bit before he answers. He has a weird sort of trust for the man he just met. Rule two had already been broken anyway and the guy was even considerate enough to wash it for him.

"Well, Baekhyun." He is not blushing. He is so not going to blush over Kyungsoo saying his name. No. "I'm going to take a shower, you can watch TV if you want...or help yourself to whatever's in the kitchen..." The last part sounded a bit reluctant like it was said out of politeness so Baekhyun notes that maybe he shouldn't raid Kyungsoo's pantry.

He turns on the TV instead, flicking to the 6am news broadcast of the station he works at. After the weather forecast the Phoenix of Bucheon makes another appearance, he's moved on from kittens to stopping burning buildings (Baekhyun hopes he didn't start those fires himself by accident) and no sign of Seoul's Light Man. Which seems like a good sign seeing as he just got his ass kicked for the second time. He'd prefer not to watch his losses.

The broadcasting is ending and Baekhyun has his finger on the button to change the channel so he can watch early morning cartoons when there's a breaking. The Great Echo. Baekhyun's fist clenched tightly around the remote. This was a war that was not yet over. Seoul's Light Man would redeem himself and finally trash this guy.

He's bolting up from the couch and slipping into his suit before the reporter even finishes saying the Great Echo's name. As soon as his mask is on (it smells like raspberry) he's searching for his boots by the door.

"Where are you going?" he hears Kyungsoo say from behind him.

"I'm going after the Great Echo," Oh, there's his boots.

"Do you not remember getting beaten a few hours ago? Have you seen your face?"

Baekhyun turns to tell Kyungsoo 'thanks for your help but I have a bad guy to catch' when he sees the other standing there in a bathrobe and a towel wrapped around his neck. Oh no. His hair is all fluffy too. Baekhyun whimpers. Rule three! Rule three!

He shakes himself out of it and pulls on his boots. "I have to go." He says and then he's running out the door.

Judging from the broadcast the Great Echo had gone to assume that Light Man was no longer going to stop him. Robbing a bank? He's stepped up from dangling innocent people from out the window. Wow.

As he runs towards to the bank he tries to ignore his aching body. He's so not on the top of his game right now. Three hours of sleep also doesn't help anything. He takes the liberty to slow down. He thinks about just taking a taxi but realises that he doesn't have any money on him. Baekhyun looks around as he jogs for another alternative to going on foot. One would think that by now he would have bought a scooter or something this was getting ridiculous.  Really, why is he not able to run at the speed of light? Shouldn't he be getting all the properties of light if it is his power? He wonders when Jongin is going to graduate SASG, maybe the younger would be willing to take teleport him places.

He finds his answer in a newspaper delivery boy.

"Hey, can I borrow your bike?"

Fifteen minutes later Baekhyun arrives at the bank, rolling in on a mint green bicycle. It wasn't seaweed green but it was alright. It complemented his suit nicely.

He locks it up outside and starts heading for the side door. He'd bypassed the police blockade again by blending in with the bushes. Seaweed green is such a great colour.

Surprised that is was open he checks the lock to find it broken. So this was how the Great Echo got in. Baekhyun barricades the door so he can't escape back out of it- or at least make it time consuming to do so. He could only heat up his hands enough to singe, trying to melt the metal lock was something else entirely.

The building is empty when he gets in. He supposed 6 in the morning was a little early for someone to be at work. Unless, the Great Echo has them locked up. He crept around the main ground floor and into the back room. The door into a hallway is broken and every other one after that has been pried open. He cautiously checks all of them and finds them empty of other people.

The hallway ends with a room. When Baekhyun pushes the door open he realises he's found the bank vault. It has also been opened. Either the Great Echo was that good or the security here was terrible.

He puts his guard right up ready for anything that comes at him as soon as the door swings open.

He nudges it with his foot hands up in front of his face in defence.

"What?" Baekhyun murmurs when he finds it empty. Completely. Everything in here was gone. He sprints out the door and back into the main area frantically searching for a sign of the Great Echo. He can't be already too late.

Outside he hears that loud booming voice yelling out for Light Man. It's coming from above and Baekhyun's going on a gut-feeling but he's really hoping that it's coming from the rooftop.

Oh. A working elevator. He hesitates before deciding to go in, he's suspicious but he's pressed for time right now. Pressing the button for the top floor he's fidgets for the entire trip up. As soon as the doors slide open he's bolting out and up the staircase into the roof. He bursts out onto the rooftop and the Great Echo spins around at the sound.


"Not a chance Smecho!" Baekhyun does a battle cry as he approaches the Great Echo. "-oof." He goes down after bouncing completely off the Great Echo's chest. Pain shoots up his entire body, the ache from before even worse now.

There's a condescending laugh above him that irritated his ears. Not even a minute in and already Baekhyun was on the ground. He slides back and the Great Echo follows.


Baekhyun would never admit it but he was pretty physically weak. Maybe it was sort of good thing that it made him quicker than the Great Echo as he jumps up and shoves a light orb right into the Great Echo's eyes. He climbs up the Great Echo's built body and the other groans and tries to shake him off. But Baekhyun clings to him despite the punches being landed onto the sides of the body.

He gets annoyed and these hits were really hurting him. He smacks the Great Echo on the head pathetically and ends up getting thrown back across the rooftop.

"Ugh," Baekhyun groans. He can feel the back of his suit get scratched up by the concrete, he'll have to remember to repair it later.


Baekhyun's eyes roll into the back of his head, he's in too much pain to care anymore. He turns his head and sees the Great Echo about to unleash a sound wave at him. His last thought before he squeezes his eyes shut is about how screwed he is right now. That's it. This is the end of Light Man. He's officially a goner. He really hopes the Phoenix of Bucheon will come to his funeral and bury a signed poster with his body. Maybe Kyungsoo will come to just to tell him that he's an idiot for running off and complain that Baekhyun still owes him coffee. Then after he's been put in the ground the Phoenix of Bucheon will run off with Kyungsoo and they'll elope. And Baekhyun will sadly look on from the other side as he watches them get coffee together.

Baekhyun whimpers, he doesn't want to die before he can make a move on Kyungsoo (and the Phoenix of Bucheon will still give him a signed poster even if he isn't dead right?). But it's already been made official, the Great Echo is going to blow his head off with a really loud yell any second now.

No deafening sound hits him however and Baekhyun questions why the hesitation. Go big or go home Great Echo, Baekhyun isn't here to be killed off half-assedly.

He peeks open an eye when he starts hearing punches being thrown wondering why the Great Echo was trying to hit himself. But alas it was the sound and Baekhyun's ass being saved yet again by Kyungsoo.

The latter was dressed in a tux and dark glasses looking like one of the Men in Black. As he lay there on the ground Baekhyun had to admit that fighter!Kyungsoo was hot despite the combined adorable. He should also probably get up and help beat-up the Great Echo too.

He hobbled his way over, all his limbs still hurting. Kyungsoo spots him and his millisecond of attention on Baekhyun causes him to get knocked back by one of the Great Echo's blows. Baekhyun gasps and is hit with a sudden surge of anger, how dare he punch Kyungsoo.

This guy was totally going to get it now. Baekhyun throws a bunch of heated light orbs that bite at the Great Echo's face. The other swats them away but Baekhyun keeps chucking more and more as red dots start littering the Great Echo's face. A couple of the tiny orbs clung to the Great Echo's beard singeing it.

The Great Echo panics and pats the orbs down which in turn just made the orbs press deeper into his skin. Even while distracted the light orbs keep shooting from Baekhyun's palms and the Great Echo can no longer fend them off.

"Baekhyun stop, you're going to burn off his face or blind him permanently or something." Baekhyun freezes and ceases the light orbs and watches as Kyungsoo goes up to the Great Echo and knocks him out.

Baekhyun blinks. Why did he never think to do that? Unconscious Great Echo = trappable Great Echo.

Baekhyun excitedly runs over to Kyungsoo, "Does this mean you're my sidekick now?"

"Help me tie him up."

"But this is so exciting! I'm going to make you a costume and everything! Have you thought of a superhero name? You can be the mint green to my seaweed green!"

"Baekhyun just hand me the rope will you?"

"So- about becoming my sidekick..." Baekhyun starts. He was filled with relief. The Great Echo was finally locked up. This is technically Light Man's first victory. And he basically owes a lot of it to Kyungsoo. "I don't want you to be my sidekick."

"What?" Kyungsoo stares at him, eyes wide like saucers. The coffee Baekhyun had bought him had been rapidly placed back onto the table. Baekhyun was a little shocked because Kyungsoo sort of looked hurt even though he had straight out rejected the offer before.

He scrambles to clarify what he said, "I meant that I want you to be more than just my sidekick, I wouldn't be here if you hadn't saved my ass for the second time now, I just- will you be my partner?"

The adorable heart shaped smile Kyungsoo gives him turns Baekhyun's inside to goo. Oh man, screw rule three it was never going to last anyway.

Baekhyun feels like he's soaring above clouds right now even if he can't fly. He hadn't only won the fight against the Great Echo, he'd gained a partner in crime fighting slash friend and saviour. And Baekhyun still isn't used to the city but he doesn't feel like he should be anywhere else. Seoul's Light Man was here to stay.

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