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Title: Lying Awake, The Colours All Fade
Pairing: Chanyeol/Junmyeon, minor! Baekhyun/Kyungsoo
Rating: pg-13
Length: 3.3k
Summary: Vampire!AU Junmyeon finds that Chanyeol has given him more than only another chance at life.
Warnings: character death (eh)

A/N: I'm convinced that I cannot pace correctly like ever. never. ever. It's impossible. Written for [livejournal.com profile] ablueblazer happy hour that I am horribly late in joining for wow but I liked the prompt so here I am.

Junmyeon is 17 when he falls ill. It comes as no surprise to his parents, he'd always been the weaker sibling compared to his elder brother. When their small village was invaded by a foreign neighbouring nation they brought unknown diseases along with them, plaguing the country as a whole. Junmyeon was one of the first to be affected, none of the villages renowned doctors could even begin to comprehend how the son of a nobleman could've been overcome so quickly in a house he never left nor could they come up with an effective cure or diagnosis. The illness takes him quickly, leaves him bedridden and coughing up blood. It gets to the point that his mental state is affected, delusions overcoming him. He sees only flashes of his surroundings through the haze. Men with face masks coming to strap him down. His mother crying at the foot of his bed. One particularly violent coughing fit brings him out of one of his recurring nightmares of a red eyed demon strangling him keeps him conscious long enough to catch a glimpse of his brother standing at the door clad in a military uniform. It's the last sight he sees before he falls back into the haze and the demon was back, glaring at him as it hung from the ceiling. From there he remembers nothing. All memory falls into a void, sucking it from within. It's always just constant pain. Concepts of time and identity becomes stripped from his mind until he can no longer recall anything but intense pain and the nagging need to end it all.

Then the pain stops and Junmyeon awakens, wondering if he's dead. Slowly he feels he can move his limbs no longer feeling a burning sensation in his muscles when he moves. Sitting up was close to being almost effortless and it shocks him to the core.

He gasps, "I really am dead." His voice comes out clearer than he can ever recall it being and only fuels his whirring thoughts of himself being in the afterlife.

"Not quite young one," a deep gravel like voice alerts him and Junmyeon almost falls back. He sees a man with reddish hair that seemingly could've been in his twenties or so, the only tell-tale signs of age being the deep frown lines etched into his forehead and well, him calling Junmyeon 'young one'.

Junmyeon's eyebrows furrow, "But how is it that I am alive?"

"That is a discussion best saved for later, first I want to know more about you. It is Junmyeon, am I right?" The man asks and Junmyeon gives a small nod, "It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Lord Chanyeol."

It isn't until the day after that Junmyeon is told of the cure Lord Chanyeol had given him. However, the moment his throat starts to burn Junmyeon realises along with his gift, it has drawbacks. Thinking of blood as a dietary need had been unthinkable merely a few months before. But now it was the only thing ever on his mind. Ever so slowly, each time he fed his world would bleed red until it was the only colour he could see. The more he drank, the quicker the itch would return. A couple of days turned into mere hours. Panic in Junmyeon arises the first time he almost takes the life of a servant. Lord Chanyeol had pulled him off just in time, throwing him against the wall. Junmyeon locks himself in his room for the rest of the night and awakes with the faintest of scars on his palms from where he'd dug his fingernails in, the burning in his throat almost unbearable. Lord Chanyeol lets himself in but doesn't mention the earlier incident.

How are you able to control it?

With time and discipline you will eventually get better, your body will able to retain the blood a longer period of time. Keep in mind the reward of seeing more than just the inside of this manor is what makes it all worth it.

Lord Chanyeol, of all the people in the village, why is it that you saved me?

Because I knew there was still so much of the world you have to see.

As the days drag on Junmyeon begins to feel more and more trapped. The manor was in no way small but eventually when you've mapped out every corner of the house you tire of the sight of it. He wanders aimlessly through the night, occasionally dropping into Lord Chanyeol's study where he's almost always seems to be working. Junmyeon will just sit in the reading chair to the side and observe Lord Chanyeol. He's noticed that Lord Chanyeol doesn't really smile much, the deep set frown upon his face was a constant sight Junmyeon was used to seeing. Much like Junmyeon's father, Lord Chanyeol seemed to be all seriousness with a low tolerance for silliness.

With the thought of his father Junmyeon wonders where his family must be. When he had awoken they had been nowhere to be seen. Lord Chanyeol after making an agreement with Junmyeon had immediately taken him to his manor, in his exit of the house he saw no one. Not even a servant. In his distracted search for a familiar face Junmyeon had failed to see the thick coating of dust over all the furniture in the house or come to realisation that no one had been home for a very long time.

When Junmyeon goes to rest during the rise of the sun, Lord Chanyeol makes his leave from the manor. Junmyeon watches from the top of the staircase as Lord Chanyeol and a servant of his step into to the beginnings of the first morning rays without even a flinch. He frowns at the sight, longing to be the one to leave with Lord Chanyeol during the day instead of having to be holed up in here. But alas it is impossible, without proper immunity Junmyeon would just burst into flames and be turned into pile of ash and burnt flesh on the ground before he could yell "Good Morrow, World!”

After Lord Chanyeol returns that day Junmyeon inquires when can he go out and is met with a hard tone of "when you are deemed ready."

Junmyeon locks himself in his room that night after feeding, angered at the confinement he was being subjected to. Anger at Lord Chanyeol for not having faith in him, for saving his life but not letting him live. In an irrational spike of thought Junmyeon dresses himself in a large coat and boots before making his escape through the window. He sticks the landing from the two-storey drop but has no time to be impressed as he runs to the side fence of the estate. He scales it with ease and Junmyeon is beginning to think that he must be dreaming. To think that a year ago he couldn't even climb a tree to pick an apple.

Once on the other side of the stone fence Junmyeon is home free. He sets off among the scarcely populated streets that he finds himself slightly thankful for. Being out in the open has his senses overwhelming him. He has to stop in the middle of the path to gather his bearings. His ears were starting to ring, the mass of noise around him becoming meshed into a constant pounding sound. He covers his ears with the palms of his hand trying to block it all out and the next thing he knows he's fallen to the ground. It's all too much at once for him to handle and he must let out a cry of pain but he can't even be sure.

Junmyeon must have laid there for almost an hour when he somehow catches a whiff of an all too familiar scent. His senses all hone in on it effortlessly. He rises and opens his eyes and suddenly all his surrounding are washed in red. Slow steps towards the sound of that pounding heart. Junmyeon inhales and lets himself be taken by his instincts.

It must be an open wound, Junmyeon muses. His gums ache in such a good way, hunger consumes him and his fangs elongate without a thought. His pace quickens and the pumping heart draws closer and closer just within reach. He turns the corner and there he was, lying helpless on the side of the street. Such easy prey, he would be gone in minutes. Junmyeon licks his lips as he makes his way over to the body, crouching down next to it he brushes the hair out of his eyes. The boy is covered in deep gashes, still fresh and driving Junmyeon into a frenzy. He stares into the boys eyes as he lifts him up.

"Help me," the boy chokes out and Junmyeon is snapped out of his clouded haze. But before he could hold a conscious thought, red seeps back into his gaze. Bloodlust takes over him once more and he has the boy clutched up into his arms and his mouth pressed to his neck. He feels and hears the blood pumping through the boy’s veins, almost like music to his ears.

A whisper of "stop" barely reached his ears but makes him freeze nonetheless.

This is wrong. Junmyeon gasps and shoves the boy away from him. What was he doing? Why was he even here? He gets up from the ground, shaking his head as if if would stop the oncoming need to devour the boy in front of him. He holds his breath and backs away. Panic takes hold of him and he turns to flee when a sharp pain runs through the back of his leg. He collapses onto the asphalt with a cry. Junmyeon clenches his teeth and brings himself to look back at his right leg, a wooden stake embedded into his shin.

"You should have killed me," Junmyeon brings his head up to see the boy towering over him. What?

"Your mistake," the boy scoffs and pulls another stake from behind his back.

Junmyeon gulps and goes to pull the stake from his leg but finds himself pushed back onto the ground. The boy roughly holds him down with a knee on his back.

"Bloodsucking scum," he hears the boy sneer, hatred dripping off his words. He whimpers when the stake slices across the back of his neck.

"Leech," a piercing jab right into his arm, ripping through his coat. Pain seared all over his body, despite the wound on his neck already beginning to heal. His right calf throbbed and any slight movement made him hiss and grit his teeth.

"Pest," the boy spat. He can feel the press of the stake against his back, right over his heart. It drove deeper, cutting into his skin. The loss of blood made him weak and his mind was already starting to swim.

Junmyeon accepts his fate as the stake grew closer and closer to his heart. He squeezes his eyes shut, already into too much agony to keep them open. To think that he had already blew his second chance because of his stupidity. Oh what a way to go.

Lord Chanyeol I am sorry.

With an intake of breath he awaits the plunge into the cold waiting arms of death. The weight on his back disappears however and Junmyeon ponders why the stabbing of his heart was so painless but his calf feels like it needs to be severed. Junmyeon opens his eyes and still sees the same ground he had seen when he had closed them. Turning he finds the stake still in his leg. He pulls it out with a grunt and will it to heal quickly. There's a sudden tug on his arm that he flinches away from.
"Junmyeon get up,"
His head snaps towards the person in shock. He scrambles up, keeping the weight off his injured leg and throws himself into them.

"Lord Chanyeol I am so sorry, I was an idiot to have left," Junmyeon rambles apologies into Chanyeol's chest holding him desperately.

Junmyeon feels himself being pushed away but still clutches Lord Chanyeol's coat, unwilling to let go, "Not now, you must go leave- stop for nothing."

Frowning, Junmyeon follows his command, feet immediately heading back home. He limps down the street hissing with every step, his mind too focused on the sting of his slowly healing leg. He fails to notice the lack of a second pair of footsteps that's supposed to be behind him until he hears a loud yell. He looks back despite still walking away.

At the other end of the street he sees Lord Chanyeol lying limply on the ground, stake driven through his chest and a dark figure fleeing. Junmyeon tries to turn back but his body keeps moving further and further unable to stop. Even as he's turned into a corner and can no longer see he fights and fights it but finds himself not being able go back.

When he finally gets back to the manor he's sobbing but his cheeks are dry with non-existent tears. No longer being able to cry was another downside to this "gift" he's been given. The night is coming to an end and the sun is beginning to rise but Junmyeon can't bring himself to care.

Is there even a point in living anymore now that he's gone?

He walks up the front steps and sits down. This wouldn't be too bad of a place to die. The very front of a grand manor watching the one thing he misses most about his life before. The sky was lightening, becoming a brighter shade of blue. The cracks of daylight was coming up horizon and spilling onto the earth. It approached Junmyeon sweeping across the lawn of the estate and up onto the steps.

This is it. I am ready. He spreads his arms out wide, longing to welcome the warmth of the sun. However the sudden creaking open of the front door breaks his moment and before he knows it there are arms around him and he's being dragged inside the house. He flops back onto the floor when he's let go.

"Why?" Junmyeon whines wriggling his legs on floor like a petulant child.

"Lord Chanyeol did not rescue you just so you could stupidly attempt to kill yourself,"

Junmyeon groans and pouts at the servant who had dragged him in. It was the head servant and Lord Chanyeol's closest companion, Kyungsoo.

"What am I to live for anymore?"

Kyungsoo gives him a disapproving look, "You are his successor, and you must keep living for him."

Junmyeon curls into the foetal position wanting nothing more than to fling himself outside where he'll burn because maybe it would hurt a lot less than whatever it was he was feeling now. His leg had already healed but why was he still in so much pain? How did you make such an unbearable ache ever stop?

The dry sobs come back and he hates that he can't cry. It hurts so much but it's not healing. The image of Lord Chanyeol lying lifelessly on the ground seared into his mind.

"I w-want him to come back," Junmyeon heaves.

With tightly shut eyes he hears Kyungsoo lay next to him and gently strokes his hair murmuring, "I know. Me too." But is does nothing to ease the mix of guilt and grief inside him.

Kyungsoo makes Junmyeon take him to the street corner that night. Empty this time, although it seemed like it also had been during the day. Nothing but a pile of clothes and ash remained where Lord Chanyeol had lain. Kyungsoo picks up the clothes, carefully folding them. Junmyeon hovers at his side with his eyes closed trying to block out the memory of his last glimpse of Lord Chanyeol.

One of his clenched fists is opened, something being placed in it. Junmyeon peeks open an eye and sees a ring in the palm of his hand.

He looks questioningly at Kyungsoo, "What is this?"

"Lord Chanyeol's sun ring, it was found was in his pocket. He planned to give it to you for your first outing but...well it is yours now anyway," Kyungsoo starts to briskly walk away, clothes cradled in his arms. Junmyeon trails after him examining the silver band the engraving similar looking to waves. He slides it onto the third finger of his right hand where it finds a comfortable fit. And the corners of his mouth curl up just a little at the prospect of finally being able to feel the sun's rays against his skin once more.


Junmyeon is 117 when he falls ill. Again. Why vampires have so many damn weaknesses he doesn't understand. It comes as no surprise to Kyungsoo and Baekhyun who sit by his hospital bed scoff at him (well Baekhyun more so snickers at him than scoffs). Junmyeon doesn't even remember how he got here. Or why he's here. How do the doctors expect to be able to heal him from multiple vervain injections? Really, all he needs is some blood to flush it out of his system.

"I told you that guy was a hunter," Baekhyun says smugly.

Junmyeon swears if wasn't weak and bed-ridden he would have snapped Baekhyun's neck by now. Kyungsoo does nothing to stop the brat from teasing Junmyeon, probably thinking he absolutely deserves what he got. That, and the fact that Kyungsoo's so bloody smitten with him too. Sending Kyungsoo to Seoul for a break was the worst decision he ever let himself make. Now here he was, on his fiftieth year of having to endure the two be absolutely insufferable. He misses a simpler time, where it was just him in solitude roaming freely far, far away from them. But of course, only moments after crossing paths in with the two in the streets of Beijing he's jumped by the taxi driver who jabs a needle right into his neck while he's trying to pay him. So now he's here, awaiting his impending fate and Baekhyun is really not making anything easier on him.

"Visiting hours are over, I need to ask you guys to leave." Junmyeon breathes a sigh of relief.

"Don't." Junmyeon says when he notices Kyungsoo about to tell off the nurse. The latter huffs and says his goodbyes, dragging Baekhyun out with him.

The nurse comes to check his vitals muttering to herself which makes Junmyeon kind of worry about being hooked up to heart monitor in future because that won't end well.

"Everything seems to be in order, Doctor Piao will see you shortly," She says before leaving and Junmyeon starts fidgeting in the bed.

What do I do if he checks my heart rate? Pretend to die?

He can't be here anymore. He really should've just let Kyungsoo use compulsion on the nurse and get him out of here. In an attempt to rise he ends up pulling out the IV in his arm just as the door opens.

Groaning, he slumps back onto the bed already too weakened to fight what's coming. He shuts his eyes awaiting the moment the doctor finds out he doesn't have a heart beat then in panic stabs him with the closest object.

"Hello? Kim Junmyeon is it?" The sudden deep voice shocks Junmyeon into opening his eyes and he gasps at the sight he's met with.

"Mr. Kim? I'm sorry if I surprised you, I thought you saw me come in." The doctor smiles nervously at him under the scrutiny of Junmyeon's gaze.

This can't be happening. I must be dreaming. It was Chanyeol, right here in front of him. Looking not much different than he had more than a lifetime ago. His hair was black and was on the brink of falling into those unforgettable round eyes and he had one of the most brightest smiles Junmyeon had ever seen on anyone, let alone Chanyeol.

"Lord Chanyeol?" Junmyeon whispers eyeing the doctor in confusion.

"Chanyeol? How did you know my Korean name? Have we met before?"  Chanyeol is frowning and it looks all too familiar but Junmyeon doesn't remember it being so...cute.

Junmyeon chuckles and shakes his head in disbelief, "Maybe once, long ago in a past life."

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