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Title: Dancing All Alone to the Sound of an Enemy's Song
Pairing: Intended Luhan/Yixing (but no actual names are said)
Rating: G
Length: 478 w
Summary: Drabble. Part of AU where Layhan are part of a duo idol group but Luhan leaves.
A/N: Title credit goes to Paramore - Part II

The beats play over and over in his head. The rhythmic pattern repeats itself and he finds himself lost in them.
It continues.

That familiar clear voice joins the soft guitar rifts. Building and building. It pains him. Knowing it’ll be the last time he’ll ever hear that voice again, harmonising along with his own. To a backing track the other had created himself.

Technically it was both of them, but he couldn’t take credit. He never could’ve conjured such a sweet melody. Write such lyrics that came from the heart. Produced something with so much soul.

All he was, was a pretty voice. Resounding. Able to manipulate. Soothing to another listener. The track goes on steady.

The faster beats kick in. He stands. Recall the steps of the dance so easily. He moves through the room with his eyes shut, not fearing the open space. It’s all muscle memory. Each move made to match a beat.

The memories come back. The hardships. The sweat rolling down his forehead and into his eyes. The pain in his muscles that always seemed like they’d never go away. The tears shed. The yearning of his heart to be home again.

But with the painful times there was always his balance. Happiness found in soft laughter. Comforting touches. Dimpled smiles. The reassurance that he was never alone in this.

Then one day, it wasn’t enough. Even with the support. That other person he could lean on. Depend on no matter what. He was selfish at heart. He regrets. The pain rushes back.

He can’t wipe that hurt expression from his mind. Eyes filled despair over his betrayal. He knows what he did was cowardly. To leave the one person who would never leave him. He remembers. Signing the dotted line. Going the paperwork in a daze. Taking everything with him. Getting on that plane with no intention to ever come back.

Emptiness that consumed him. Even through the screams he still hears that laughter. The last time he’d ever hear it again. The smile directed at him. Urging him to pull the corners of his mouth up as well.

He left in a fit of anger. But when it faded it left him lost. He’s told to strike back. And he listens. Despite everything in his entire being telling him not to. It gives him the intended result. But he is left unsatisfied. An industry that turned a friend into foe. He doesn’t want to compete.

Guilt over takes him. There’s no other choice but to keep going. It makes him weary. Winds him up and strings him out. More so than that triple spin. He longs to be back in that embrace. Having words of comfort whispered in his ear.

But he’s too late. All he can do now is dance all alone to the sound of an enemy’s song.

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